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September 22nd 2023

Shaking on the inside 

The remedy is far away 

I can put one foot in front of the other 

If I want to relieve the pain 

Why does it feel like I’m reliving the same day 

Anxiety anxiety in my body, in my face 

Please leave me alone 

I don’t like the intrusion 

I want to have a moment of silence 

To let my wounds heal 

Anxiety anxiety fucking anxiety 

I need a moment to remember a moment 

I just had and if I become unconscious 

This might get bad

Please leave your ego at home when you speak to me If I treat you accordingly 

Your tears will say “you’re mean to me”

What do my tears seem to be ?

Irrelevant to you 

You have this get over it attitude 

When you’re still holding it inside of you 

Letting it guide you into your worse behavior 

This is more than dangerous 

I’m even more estranged cause 

Stuck isn’t the name 

I can see where I’m headed 

I’ve given you too much information 

and too much credit 

Now your head is 

bigger than it’s ever been 

Catch me in the wind 

I can’t be your lover 

Contemplating being friends 

I know you need healing away from me

This isn’t safe for me 

I’ve been filling self 

with destructive thinking 

Battling the faith in me


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