Peace Is Still

leave my mind alone

stop asking for my thoughts

I need my time alone

so that i can talk to God

that’s where i leave it all

feelings, thoughts and pride

where I see me evolve

without having to talk to y’all

404 codes with no soul or spirit

easily angered from the trauma

I’m easily dangerous from mine

mommy they stealing

energy, claiming to be aligned

always falling in love, never in line

you grow upward

not side ways

stop reaching

don’t call me black

call me colored

like they did my ancestors

stop preaching

star teaching

I’m lost on this plane field

with the pain sealed

and the heat is rising

it’s hard to stand still

in motion

yet Energy keep lying

then again is that a known fact

sometimes I start thinking

I couldn’t have known that

using my emotional intelligence

to start linking

universal facts shared through experience

this moment is another moment

I see me in

I don’t say much unless i have questions

still gotta lot of research to do

i don’t believe in y’all suggestions

I know the time is due

for me to go within

and feel the wrath

to create my own path

back to the beginning


Written on

May 31, 2022

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