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No love lost

I stopped pulled over

I couldn't see

I cried and

Saw me drive into a tree

I tried to deny it

As quiet as could be

Now I'm fighting it

Before I go to sleep

God if you could


Take me while I dream

no one understands

No one listens to me

Mommy did

Shavar did

Shamica did

Tafari did

Leslie did

Everyone else just manipulates me

It's my fault for allowing

My therapist doesn't agree

I'll be on hold for three days

Just because she made you feel a way

Kish please

You have come a long way

Don't fall backwards

You are your own support

You can cry here

Be goofy

Not judged

Not looked at a certain way

It's lonely at first

You will make it

Tonight my heart is a stone

Tomorrow the sun will rise

And a star will appear

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