Meditating 🧘🏾‍♀️ state of mind

It’s this peace and quiet place I bring myself to when the light is overwhelming. It may seem I’m carrying weight of the world on my shoulders and truthfully at times it feels as if I am, yet the realness of me being sad is in fact part of this human experience. I have to be careful constantly sharing myself, my thoughts my feelings. It’s tough out here where some people feel it necessary to be everything but themselves for people who are doing the same. Some days I feel as if what’s left of me in this way of thinking is, surviving off life support. I need spirit, I need guidance from higher realms. I listen to the birds, I’m cautious of bees. I observe nature with no judgement and wish for that from those who choose to engage me.

I’m fragile and I don’t like sex, I appreciate intimacy; and the idea of creating a baby is beautiful. If I could let the trauma go maybe I can embrace the plan of action .



May 28, 2022

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